Version 0.9

I’m happy to say that version 0.9 is now released.

Some of the improvements are related to architecture, which will hopefully make the software more reliable and faster. Several are related to daily and weekly email (for those of you that are uploading your data, you can now receive automatic progress reports).

I have also given a talk on the software to Quantified Self, a group of people that enjoy collecting statistics on themselves: this app seems like a perfect fit for them. Soon I will make a pitch to my meditating friends (at least the tech savvy amount them).

May it help you to attain your goals,

Xmas 2017

Version 0.8.2 has been released, with lots of interface changes and other good changes.

I also have a 30-minute meditation workflow that I’d like to recommend:

  1. Sit in your favorite place to meditate and start the stopwatch.
  2. Switch to the breath counter and meditate while counting breaths (5 minutes)
  3. Switch to the timer and set it to deliver messages in a loop every 4-8 minutes (20 minutes)
  4. Switch to the note page and record your experience.

Going forward, more effort will be spent on the website and delivering feedback about your meditation sessions.  We are also working on an automatic breath counter that uses accelerometer data, that can be used to count any recurring signal (such as prostrations).


Version 0.7

Version 0.7 of the App will be available for download in the next week or so for both IOS and Android.

It has been significantly improved in terms of usability and feature set.
Of particular note is the breath counting feature in the Counter tool, which can be used as a measure of mindfulness.
Basically, you must track count your breaths up to ten, and then press a button to reset the counter to zero.
Your ability to accurately indicate the current count is both a way to focus on your breath and a measure of mindfulness.

The integration with WordPress is also smoother, and now allows the creation of posts from notes and automatic RSS feeds.
This allows notes with included audio to become a podcast: I am fairly certain that there are no other meditation apps that create a podcast.
I hope you find that statement as amusing as I do.

Also, I am going on retreat to a Zen center for several months, so new features and bug reports will not be able to be addressed until this summer.

Regards and wishes for your equanimity,

Measuring Mindfulness

How can one measure mindfulness?
What is this app besides a timer?

Well, one thing that we’ve made easier is based on a suggestion by Richie Davidson, who states that a very simple measure of mindfulness is simply counting one’s breaths. Basically, you can use the Counter page to count breaths, pressing the right button on every breath. Then on every 9th or 11th breath, you press the left button, which will reset the counter. When you are done with a meditation session, you will have a series of counted breaths. That data can be analyzed to determine if you miscounted (e.g. counted lower or higher than 9) and to determine your average breathing rate (to monitor how it changed over time). There is a script to do this analysis which can be obtained by writing to info @ psygraph . com .

To make the counting process easy to do without looking at the screen, you can tap on the screen instead of pressing the buttons. On each screen with buttons, the right button can be pressed by tapping once anywhere in the lower potion of the screen. Similarly, the left button can be pressed by double-clicking. If you are holding the phone in your hand, remember to turn off shake-detection for the Counter by visiting the page settings.

We are currently working to make psygraph easy to use: any suggestions are welcome.

the Psygraph development team

Version 0.5

Version 0.5 is about to ship.

The WordPress plugin has been approved, and the source code will be available from the WP Subversion repository shortly.

I will upload the Android application later today: I am happy to report that there are no known bugs, and the app is performing solidly both offline and online. That said, back up any important data using CSV until at least version 1.0.

Thanks to all of the beta testers for their feedback and support.


Beta time

We are ready to release a beta version of the iOS and Android mobile apps in preparation for release on the Apple iStore and Google Play.

If you wish to sign up for the beta, please select the “beta” option in your user settings, and we will email you a link to download the app for both IOS and Android.